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Here’s a collection of TV, Print and Outdoor.
There’s fast food, then there’s KFC. Jason Alexander and the occasional celebrity for KFC.

Guys who love to gamble on everything appear in this campaign for New York Racing Association and Belmont Park.

Some AT&T spots using X-gamers like Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman.

Here’s a spot shot by Ridley Scott for MGD and NASCAR fans.

To work on such a visionary brand like Virgin was a dream come true. So was the fact that Richard Branson loved the work, including these cheeky billboards.



Mental illness isn’t funny. Except here, where we poked fun at the fact that everyone who heard Virgin’s passengers speak about the airline’s many amenities thought they were crazy.

Here’s a few spreads from the award winning but controversial Joop! Jeans campaign.

And a few Kenneth Cole ads.

I wrote the cold sore line. (of course)

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